Article – Framing Corporate Innovation

This article describes ways to design, manage and execute a corporate innovation agenda.

Article – Four Key Competencies to Build a ‘Sense and Respond’ Capability

This article positions ‘sense and respond’ as a key organisational capability.

Article – How to Bring the Future into Today’s Decision Making

This article describes how to make futures thinking useful in the present.

Article – Making Sense of a Changing World

This article explores sensemaking, which is a key competency for the 21st Century.

Insight Card – Data Deals

This insight card provides a curation of signals of change pertaining to open data.

Podcast – USYD ‘Innovation Leaders’ Series (20 MAR 19)

This podcast – recorded on 20 March 2019 for the University of Sydney Business School’s ‘Innovation Leaders’ series – provides a deeper examination of the intelligence aspects of demand-led innovation.

Presentation – SYNxSYDNEY

This presentation to SYNxSYDNEY examines how to frame corporate innovation.

Presentation – USYDMBA

This presentation to a University of Sydney MBA class examines the relationships between innovation, strategy and innovation.

Tradecraft – Generating Insights

This tradecraft guide examines how insights are generated. Insights are the building blocks of intelligence.

Tradecraft – Intelligence Practice 101

This tradecraft guide examines the practice of intelligence, with an emphasis on intelligence analysis.