What is an intelligence-led approach?

An intelligence-led approach involves the deliberate generation and application of pertinent insights to add value to decision making under conditions of uncertainty.

How do we distinguish intelligence from information?

Intelligence allows anticipation or forecasting of future situations and circumstances, and it informs decisions by illuminating the differences in available courses of action open to a decision maker.

What is strategic foresight (SF)?

Strategic Foresight accelerates our learning utilising a framework to identify emerging trends and issues, and then derive insights to map out alternate futures as scenarios.  These rich and plausible maps of the future allow us to gain early warning of change, test our current strategy, develop breakthrough innovations, and create transformative change.

Where is SF used?

Foresight is leveraged across all sectors, industries and functions, including; government, corporate, start-ups and non-profit.

When is SF used?

Foresight should act as an organisation’s operating system, running in the background of all processes, including; strategy, change management, innovation and professional development.

How is SF used?

Foresight uses tools such as horizon scanning and scenario planning to futureproof your organisation against disruptive change through discovery, exploration, mapping, and creating new possibilities.

Why is SF used?

Foresight allows us to thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) operating environment.